New famicon express books!

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New books on for summer!!!

5 Against The Spike by Jonathan Chandler!

The Violent Against Themselves by Stefan Sadler!

Street by Roope Eronen!

Alive Energy by me!

The book price includes UK delivery, but it’s a bit more for overseas shipping, so there are buttons to add a little bit more for EU or World orders, you only need to add that once per order though. I’m happy to help if anyone gets stuck though, my email is l_m_s_n (@)

If any shops would like to stock Famicon Express please get in touch too :o)


Warm-Ups on Pearlescent Substrate


Say Everything Angrysay_something_webSay Somethingstay_quiet_webStay Quiet


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New Tech

here’s an example of my juicy new technique for summer 🙂


New Famicon Express Books!!!!

New Famicon Express Books!!!!

New Famicon Express books!! From myself, Jon Chandler, Roope Eronen, and Stefan Sadler

Launching this weekend at the OSLO comics EXPO

We’ll also be there on the Friday night to give a talk about Mould Map 3 :o)



We’ve got a last couple of copies left to take wit us to OSLO comics EXPO this weekend!

We’ll also have a couple of copies of MM1 and MM2 :o)

Please come and visit our talk on Friday night that we’ll be doing about all the artists in Mould Map.

We’ll also be launching 4 new Famicon Express titles aswell so it’ll be a good weekend for people in Norway who like these comics

Jonathan Chandler

I went to see my friend John in Suffolk, the most isolated cartoonist in the UK.

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I’m Pro Europe! We’re all immigrants! Please world stop being evil!!!!!!





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MOSA X ZECO outside Hectoliter, Brussels 2014

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