“RUN HOME” Tshirt pre-order

Hey I’m about to get these t-shirts printed in 15 hours time. I can only afford to get a small quantity done, so I’m offering a pre-order price for the next 15 hours only.

It is reflective vinyl print on dry-fit black t-shirt, Men’s small, medium or large.

Here’s a virtual photo:

runhome copy

and a detail of the badge in the corner



If you’d like one, paypal £25 (includes world postage) to l_m_s_n@yahoo.com and make sure to include a message with your size and address. I’ll be mailing them out when I come back from my Brussels show :o)

I was looking through old drawings to see if I’d missed any ideas, and found this drawing from 2008, and it gave me the idea to do the t-shirt.

I think before I have it printed though, I’ll re-do the ‘patch’ in the bottom  right corner




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