My Tumblr!

I’ve been posting loads of things on tumblr to promote Mould Map 3, (i think i need to change my template because u cant see the writitng)

I’m sure I’ll come back here to do normal blogging afterwards, but for now I’m just putting it all on there because when it reblogs it connects with new people, and this blog can’t do things like that.

But, just for anyone who likes following this blog, here’s some of my rough scraps for when I made my Mould Map 3 comic, I’ll put them on here first (o:

And if you want to order Mould Map 3, don’t forget to do it before the weekend because the kickstarter is finishing then, and we still need to have a lot of orders to ensure we’ll be able to print the book!

promoroughs 1 promoroughs 6 promoroughs 8 promoroughs promolorryrough

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