MOULD MAP 33333333




We’ve been working on this for over a year, and now we have a pre-order system up and running via Kickstarter



Here is the amazing cover with Art by Julien Ceccaldi and Masthead Typography by Gabriel Kanulf.

I’m going to be posting about this a lot over the next 2 weeks because we want to make sure everyone who wants to buy the book can see it in time, we don’t want them to miss the chance to buy it!!!!!

The artists in this issue are:

Aidan Koch  Amalia Ulman — Angie Wang — Ben Mendelewicz — Blaise Larmee — Brenna Murphy — CF — Cody Cobb — Daniel Swan — Dmitry Sergeev — Gabriel Corbera — GHXYK2 — Hugh Frost — Jacob Ciocci — James Jarvis — Joseph Kelly — Jonas Delaborde — Jonathan Chandler — Jonny Negron — Julien Ceccaldi —Karn Piana — Kilian Eng — Lala Albert — Lando — Leon Sadler — Matthew Lock— Noel Freibert — Olivier Schrauwen — Robert Beatty — Sam Alden — Sammy Harkham — Stefan Sadler — Viktor Hachmang & Yuichi Yokoyama.

We caught ALL OF THEM !!!!!

here’s a sample page from me but if you want to see the rest you have to go and look at the Kickstarter!!



I’m interviewing all the artists so make sure to watch out on the website!!!

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