The Unbreakable Chain Gamers Handbook

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Here’s some preliminary pics of my new book I’m making alongside my game The Unbreakable Chain.

You can buy it through my kickstarter:


The covers are printed on special card that I have been saving for around 6 years for the right moment to come along!

I once found on the street, a couple of mysterious sheets of carbon rubbings of local street textures, so I decided to silkscreen these onto some coloured card because I knew one day a time would come when I’d want to use them to make book covers. I took the design of the first sheet and printed with a multicoloured split fountain technique, adding more colours with every squeegee pull. I then took the next design and printed that with even more colours over the top.

I will then feed this card through the Gelsprinter, attach a full colour sticker, and then do a multicoloured paint stamp of an alien handprint (o:

The inner covers are going to be printed on some very special paper that I’ve been saving for even longer than the card. I nicked it from one of my old jobs, a big stack of dot-matrix printer paper o-8

I’m excited to get so crafty with my new book design. When I first started off making zines and comic books I was really into printing the covers with all kind of hand printing techniques, spraypaint stencilling, stamping, drawing, taping and sewing with weird salvaged materials, and the right project hasn’t come along in ages for me to indulge in this kind of design again.

This is going to be a very loose and free book, these images are all preliminary so the final book design may change slightly.

This will be a good book for enjoying in the summer!!!!


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