Right now in Germany, in this moment!

This evening, at this exact time, in Saarbrucken, Germany, artworks by myself and Matt Lock are being displayed in weird building, people we don’t know are going there to check them out and see what judgements they can make.







G.R.O.T.O Paintings

A short text, by Leon Sadler.
Sad paintings of unreal landscapes.
Why are we making these desperate images? 
These are more like drawings of fantasy paintings. They are drawings of the sadness of a fantasy painting, someone else’s utopia image that’s just a pastiche version of something that was supposed to be visionary. There’s something depressing about the lousy images we love that keeps us coming back, cross-referencing their mistakes and failures.
This sounds hopeless, but we love these miserable paintings and drawings, sometimes you see a really amazing one and it just kills you.
So how about this? Our works are now displayed today in a disused building. This building used to house Eurodata IT Solutions, a company that employed various unknown people, so where are those people gone? I wonder if they were into fantasy art? I wonder what their paintings would have been like? I think I’m finished with fantasy paintings for now. I’ve drawn enough images of other people’s dreams. I want to make images for now, as in, images for this time I’m in.
The future is redundant and I’m just learning to embrace my current world. 
Life sucks.
The future will never happen.
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