Today is last day of Stefan & Kitty exhibition

If u are in London today u can go to their show before it closes at 6 it’s right near hoxton dalston station

CIMG9386 CIMG9379 CIMG9385

It’s your only chance to buy Stefan Sadler hand-made corpse candles

here’s the website info:

Kitty Clark | Stefan Sadler
Horror House

Exhibition open:

1.3.13 – 24.3.13
Sat. – Sun. 12:00 – 18:00

Private view:

Thursday February 28th, 19:00 – 21:00

Horror House is a two-person exhibition by Kitty Clark and Stefan Sadler, featuring sculptural work that explores dark, surreal craft and absurd ritual. Evoking the morbid farce of a ghost train, the smell of rubber and the fishing wire visible, it delivers goosebumps nonetheless.

Kitty Clark’s work tends towards cartoon-like three dimensional objects rooted in fantasy, idealism and spiritual and utopian desire, exploring contemporary mythologies through sacred and recreational sites and artificial themed environments. She has had solo exhibitions at the Institute of Jamais Vu and Permanent Gallery, and participated in group exhibitions including Likeable, Supercollider Contemporary Art Projects and Glamourie, PSL.

Stefan Sadler is a hardcore action cartoonist, at work on global topics, war, death, In a world both familiar and out of reach, fraught with political and social complexities. His recent publications include Dinner Plates (Famicon Express) and DNA Failure (Picturebox Inc.)



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    Arrgh missed this! my radar must be broken

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