School scrap

collegecollage1 collegecollage


When I studied graphic design, we had to do a thing called a ‘Learning Agreement’ to write about our work, and for part of mine I did this collage of all these artists I admired, and I just found it recently so I scanned it. It’s still quite valid but also a LOT of new things that are important to me which aren’t reflected. But this is a good summary of 2005 Leon Sadler. Who’s in there: Stefan Sadler, Tove Jansson, Robert Crumb, Jeff Koons, Marc Bell, Moebius, Hayao Miyazaki, Ron Rege Jr, Yoshito Usui, S. Clay Wilson, there’s an art/erotic manga artist whose name I can’t remember, bits of FHM website, a bit of folk art, and some religious advertising material.


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