My Summer Diary (by Barker)

This week I am staying with my friend (brother?) and his girlfriend. I am at home on my own during the day, and then the girl picks me up on her way home from work. I go crazy when I get to their house and run around looking in all the rooms and checking everything, they can hear me upstairs wandering about because my toes click loudly on their stupid laminate floors. I brought my current favourite toy to play with, which is a spanner that I chewed the top off. 

The stupid people make me so excited and worked up all the time so I mostly just follow them around whichever room they go in, and I make sure to never sit down or lay down anywhere. They were eating their dinner whilst sitting on the floor so they could watch a film on the laptop, so I stood and watched them eating and breathed my smelly breath right in front of their plates!

Usually when they give me my food to eat, I just don’t eat it, but when I see they’ve started their meals, that’s when my tummy gets running so I join in and eat my food too.

The girl is sick and keeps coughing, but when I go to check her she is always closing me out of the room… because I like to jump on her!!!!!

I keep going out for very short walks in the graveyard just near their house, but there’s not much space to run around, but it’s great that I’m near the town centre because there’s lots of new things to check out, which I never usually see.

On her way to work, the girl drops me off at home again, so I just relax all day and check out all my usual things.



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