Here’s a nice review of Weird #1, Noel Freibert’s horror anthology, from  Scream, horror magazine.

I’m really pleased with their review of my comic in there!

I’ve been reading all the reviews of Kramers Ergot 8 to see if anyone says anything good about my comic in it, and there have been a few nice things, but mostly they’re just really lazy writing, describing my drawing style as ‘childish’ or ‘naive’.

I don’t take it as a criticism or negative thing, but just kind of disappointed that the reviewers haven’t been able to see very far, or, really just to have a bit more vision. I guess someone who likes to write reviews of books is the person who likes the sound of their own voice, so why write such a boring observation?

but, I guess that’s a good sign if people don’t really get what youre doing!!!!!!!!



now I need to go prepare the next zine fest, I’m working on naive drawings of bicycles and teapots, and I’ve got a new bunting technique I’m just dying to try out!!!!

I just went on the Scream magazine website and found out that someone has done a ripoff movie based on Stefan and Kitty’s idea for ‘BLOODBIKE’


This town I live in is a shithole heaven for affluent young mothers who aspire to buying stupid wooden bikes with no pedals for their little children!!! It’s too easy to get in a bad mood here I hate it!!!!

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  1. Posted July 3, 2012 at 2:51 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Dude I thought the piece you did for weird was one of the best things I’ve seen you do! glad this guy got it as well. People are idiots, you can’t wait for them to understand what you’re doing, just get it out there and let them figure it out. 5 years after you make something they will go “Ahhhhh!” and then you’ll have to contend with all the ripoffs, Beon Madler, Geoni Sadleratti, Beoff Nadler etc.

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