Island Report 1

holiday to Lefkada Island Report 1: holiday of a lifetime

(nb: photos are for private and personal use only)

We took a majestic flight over various mountain ranges to an island of Greece called Lefkada.
The first thing we saw when we landed was buildings at the airport that were painted with camouflage so u couldn’t see them.
Then we found out the pipes on the island are too small so u cant put your toilet paper in the bog, u have to put it in the bin next to it. I kept trying to remember but i forgot loads of times. One time I fished out the soggy pooey paper, but after that it was too disgusting so I didn’t bother again.
We were going on a 3 day sea kayak to see the smaller islands and camp on the beach, and it looked like there was going to be an 8am storm before we even set off.
The island have a really cool informal feeling, a lot of the architectures, roads and layouts are built in a very casual style with plenty of hand painted signs, dirt patches and yards.
We kayaked across the sea for a few days and camped on a beach, where I learned a good outdoors trick for pooing. instead of digging a hole to shit into, you just wipe your arse, put the paper on top of the poo pile, and then find a few big rocks to cover it all with.
 I was gonna go one in the sea but chickened out.
This is a cool statue for a heroic coastguard.
He patrolled the islands and took out drug smugglers with a machine gun mounted to his rubber dinghy.
When we got tired in the kayak, ponies swam in the sea to tow us.
Our new friend Rabi gave this one troll hair and it really liked it!
There was a great shop on 1 little island
2 many awesome t-shirts to buy!
Ah shit I accidentally just deleted all my photos of the cool t-shirt designs 😦
Me and my GF went on holiday to celebrete being together for 10 years so we got matching cuteys:
That’s it for today’s post!

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