D & V

They’re launching the new Kramers Ergot 8 and De Profundis for the UK this Saturday at Gosh comics in London, and I’m going to be there with James Jarvis and Frederic Mullalley to sign the copies, so if you are unknown person in London who reads this it would be funny to meet u!! I hope that enough people will come or it will be too embaressing hahaha

My plan was to launch 3 new Famicon Express books there too but I have been sick with the Winter ‘d’ and ‘v’ Norovirus. On Sunday afternoon i projectile vomited quorn spaghetti bolognaise and chocolate cake in the living room. i tried to catch it in my hands but it had the effect fo when u put your finger on  the end of the hosepipe and sprayed everywhere. my uncle had given us his old TV and my girlfriend said that it is now full of puke, in the video slot, all in the vents in the back, everywhere!!!  the smell down there is so bad (i dont know cos ive not been downstairs yet) that she had to have all the downstairs windows open all day LOLLLL!!!!!!

I should be better by Saturday no problem, and I’ll try my best to get these books ready too!

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