Loads of new books for this crazy weekend!!!

2 Many new things!!!!!  All launching this weekend!!!!!


It’s ready to buy now!!! from landfilleditions.com

This is the anthology I’ve been helping out on the editing, but this time the scale of Hugh Frost’s vision has totally dwarfed me, his ambition for this issue is wild!!!!! 4 spot colours, genuine fluorescence, fully glazed and glossy, I’ve not seen it in person yet but there are some photos here that give a bit of an idea of this crazy book. There’s also information there on the launch event next Tuesday at Beach gallery in London. Me and Genai are going down there in her car, I hope we can see many friends :o)

There’s a huge list of contributors, I did a page with Panayiotis Terzis in a whole new technique for us, and there are just tons of amazing pages to look through by all the cool artists.

Panayiotis has then re-configured the comic with works from our ongoing collaboration project into another new book,


More self-materialising alien faces.

Panayiotis Terzis will be selling these along with his new book MEGALITH at Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Fest this weekend!! #BCGF2011

Travess Smalley and Kaela Noel will also be there, very generously representing Landfill Editions so they’ll be selling Mould Map 2 for any member of the public to buy.

And whilst this is happening, Picturebox will also be there and launching loads of new books, including this anomaly,

‘Untitled’ (hippy’s smelly socks)

A pretty weird project book. I’d emailed Dan Nadel (chief of Picturebox) about this Hawkwind PDF I found, and he had this idea that I should work over it and we’d reproduce it as some kind of giant print, but it turned out much better as a little green newsprint book. I did the artwork ‘with’ Yannick Val Gesto, as in I took some of his drawings, and I re-drew some of this things with my own drawings, and used the approach to make this book based on the ways we’ve been working together all these years.

And Stephane Prigent just emailed to say he’s printed the new zine that me and Yannick made!!! It’ll be available really soon, but here’s a photo of the cover for now.


It’s pretty weird, all this collaborative stuff with Yannick is hard to keep track of we do so much, it’s a book of our drawings and collages, re-drawing each other stuff, destroying each others work, burying it, setting it on fire, leaving it out in the rain… Loose and Free discovery and fun. This book was slotted together by him and is finished with the characteristic Val Gesto glaze.
There’ll be plenty more of this stupid rubbish coming in the next few months, and we’ve got a show with Massimiliano Bomba in Paris next April too!!!

And another thing with old Bomba!

Weird Magazine

It’s a new magazine by Noel Friebert, I did a comic for it that I’m really pleased with, I didnt think I’d be able to do something but at the last minute inspiration struck me just right and I got it done. The artist selection looks really good and there’s quite a few artists there I’m unfamiliar with so this ones going to be really exciting to read when I get a copy, and it’ll probaly be a huge pleasure to handle, considering Noel’s wonderful production values.

And anything else?


It was my ambition for so long to be lucky enough to have a comic in a Kramers Ergot, but I never thought it would happen so soon, this is 2 big!!! I don’t know what I can say about it, I did some pretty stupid short comics, I’m very anxious to see how they’ll work in this seminal publication! You’ll be able to buy this too at #BCGF2011 at the Picturebox table, they’re launching it there with all signings and kind of things. And you can buy it from the Picturebox site too.

I keep hearing about other amazing sounding publications that will be launched in Brooklyn this weekend, I wish I could go, I hope everyone who does go has a really good time and I hope next year I can go myself!!!

This weekend I have to get these giant paintings finished and we might go to Ikea to get some hot dogs. I got a new job at the local printers, I have 2 weeks left of my trial, so I’m just working really hard so that I’ll be able to get a proper contract and have a stable job for the first time in my life!!!! Things are looking pretty good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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