Blue Jelly

temporary painting


Happy Wheel



Here are some recent paintings in their early rough stages…

star_wippy not_supposed_to_look_like_a_face_wippy obelisk_wippy_web circle_wippy_web

New book: Piece Of Heart: free for users*


I just made these weird new books!
12 pages, colour digital offset on very glossy paper, 14x20cm.

*I’ll include one free with all orders placed until this coming Saturday (and I’ll also include one with all the orders I’ve had since the weekend 

Or if anyone just wants this, paypal l_m_s_n (@)
the price including postage is:
UK £2
EU £3
World £4

piece_of_heart_p2 piece_of_heart_p1 piece_of_heart_cover

I made the master on Sunday/Monday and just printed them and bound them today, so it’s the freshest book I ever made

It looks a bit yellow in these photos but it’s actually very crisp black and white with colour elements

Soryy Yanni!

Those liquid things I just posted look so similar to Y.Val Gesto’s YUYU series (left) Soz mate!!!!!!

Liquid Things


Glass room

I just found out what this glass room is for!


It’s a room for drying paintings when it’s raining outside :o)

New famicon express books!

54_5againsticon 54_aliveenergyicon 54_streeticon 54_violentsicon

New books on for summer!!!

5 Against The Spike by Jonathan Chandler!

The Violent Against Themselves by Stefan Sadler!

Street by Roope Eronen!

Alive Energy by me!

The book price includes UK delivery, but it’s a bit more for overseas shipping, so there are buttons to add a little bit more for EU or World orders, you only need to add that once per order though. I’m happy to help if anyone gets stuck though, my email is l_m_s_n (@)

If any shops would like to stock Famicon Express please get in touch too :o)


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