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I cleared out my lil’ studio the other week to make it fresh in every way, and to have space for printing new books for there are some photos of it on my tumblr:┬á but here are some pics of how it used to be last yearCIMG0053 CIMG0054 CIMG0055 CIMG0056 CIMG0057 CIMG0058 CIMG0050 CIMG0051 CIMG0052

William S Burroughs

I just deleted this post because someone called Chucky posted in the comments that William S Burroughs was a dick, and now I agree!

Food Balls


Here’s a plate my GF gave me :o)

Interview for Mission Comics and Art Gallery

Here’s a little interview I did just recently, talking about using polar fleece, and some recent gallery feelings, it’s a bit cloudy though.

Clay Sneak

IMG_0587 IMG_0590 IMG_0591 IMG_0592

Visual Research

IMG_0600 IMG_0601 IMG_0604 IMG_0610 IMG_0612 IMG_0589 IMG_0588

Life Before The Internet


Unpossible Hole


Things I found in Bruxelles

regardscocooning_web pigstatue_1WEB

Witch_Art_webWitch Art


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